Herbs That Can Fight Bladder Infection in Seniors

Herbs That Can Fight Bladder Infection in Seniors

Some herbs are particularly suitable for the treatment of bladder infections due to their property to minimize the manifestation of a bacterial infection and prevent bladder diseases.


Corn silk can be used fresh or dried in the form of an infusion or balm. Use these parts of the plant to relieve inflammation caused by urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Its diuretic properties help dissolve urine.


Juice obtained from crushed red cranberry berries cleanses the urinary tract. It is especially effective in treating bacteria E Coli, which causes a bladder infection. Mix it with blackberry or lime juice and get a refreshing tonic that will help prevent the recurrence of infection.


Sarsaparilla belongs to the family of lilies, it is rich in steroid saponins, which have anti-inflammatory properties, & also they help fight against bacteria and toxins in the urinary tract.

Sarsaparilla root was used in medical infusions in America.


Althea root is rich in gum arabic components that act as softeners for the inner walls of the urethra. Althaea should be taken as an infusion or decoction to reduce inflammation associated with a bladder infection. Althea leaves can also be used in the preparation of balsam or cook as ordinary vegetables.

Canadian yellowroot

This herb, blooming with golden flowers, grows in Europe and northern Asia on the slopes of hills and meadows. The portion above the roots is harvested and used in the treatment of cystitis. It has diuretic properties and tones the muscles of the bladder walls. It contains saponin to prevent fungal infections.


Horsetail tones the urinary canal reduces bleeding and fights inflammation. It also accelerates the recovery of damaged tissue and improves the elasticity of the bladder walls. Take it as juice obtained from the upper parts of the plant. Horsetail contains quartz and other healing minerals.


The leaves and berries of this European evergreen shrub are the basis for the strongest antiseptic used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Do not use bearberry in combination with sour cranberries. Bearberry was also used in times of ancient Rome.

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